Friday, July 21, 2006

Scangroup IPO: Are these Rumours True

The on-going Scangroup IPO has been trailed by several rumours which are doing rounds in tao. A few of them below:
  1. That the promoters of this IPO knew that the same would be undersubscribed hence they sought underwriting from the sponsoring investment banks(CFC, Standard and Suntra)....this is the firt IPO in kenya to be underwriten..up to 43%.
  2. That the reason why a clear allotment criteria was not set is that Scangroup favors few large shareholders rather than many small shareholders. As such they 'tricked' the CMA to get away with a vague allotment criteria ie. 55% retail and 45% institutions. This way they can be able to allot as they wish without breaking any rules. Eg. In the event of oversubscription, they could allot pro-rata according to the volume of shares applied for without a minimum or maximum allocation. This would crowd out most of the small investors and favour the big applications. You will recall that Kengen had a minimum allocation of 500 shares then the rest prorata to a ceiling of about 6500 shares.
  3. The Esther Passari's Adopt a light is the suitor targeted for take over by Bahrat Thakrar and duly mentioned in the prospectus. That is why we no longer hear of the Adopt a light IPO. That the cash raised form this IPO will go to Passaris towards this take over. Then she will be offered shares in one of the flagship subsidiaries of Scangroup.
  4. Have you noticed that the brokers are dilly dalying about this IPO. The application forms are not easily forthcoming and very little info is in the public domain as compared to KENGEN. Also, the advertising budget has been kept to a minimum. In the big 4 brokers, forms are only allowed to those applying for 10000+ shares. These manouvres are designed to intentionally crowd out the small investor (read 500, 1000, 2000........9000 shares)


Anonymous MASHATALL said...

Good info gathinga. was Dyer and Blair involved as one of the underwriters? Are you serious that if you apply for less than 10,000 shares then you cannot get an application form? please sunstantiate if your facts are not right, otherwise all the forms we need can also be downloaded online !! truthfully though am buying the shares so am not worried about all the negative publicity and hype surrounding the ipo.

4:57 PM  
Blogger gathinga said...

meshatal. these are rumours going round. but its true dyer an blair have been discouragig buys of less than 10000 shares. but other brokers like nyaga are ok with it

10:26 AM  
Blogger coldtusker said...

Apps are online & at most brokers so no-one can be locked out!
Apparently ScanGroup doesn't want many shareholders coz of costs. See my rant at

AGMs are expensive coz there is the venue (KenGen will need Kasarani or Jamhuri Park!)... then people expect sodas & ask silly questions like can we get cash for bus fare! This is a AGM not a harambee...

It will be oversubscribed coz of peculation BUT who will buy afterwards?

Pls send me ur e-mail at coz I might have someone who will sell to you... but what are the logistics of transfer?

5:26 PM  
Blogger coldtusker said...

Most of the rumours are junk!
1. How would the promoters "know" whether it would be undersubscribed? Underwriting is common to ENSURE full "takeup"... its insurance. Do you buy car insurance coz you know you will get into an accident?

The criteria is much clearer than KenGen (who had everyone guessing till the end - the "ceiling" was AFTER THE FACT! The allocation is 45% to retail & 50% to corporate! They will allocate upto 10,000 shares to each applicant then pro-rate above that number IF there are unallocated shares remaining!

3. Where is this mentioned? I missed it. PLUS great idea coz it strengthens the STRONGHOLD on the market! The FMCG would have to go to ScanGroup if they want to be on the lightpoles.

4. Brokers can't stop u from applying. Apparently BT didn't want many "small" investors coz of expenses... This makes sense from the perspective that it is very expensive to "service" multiple shareholders e.g. 500 shares = 5,500/- but each annual report costs 100/- to print & post to a shareholder thus 2% of proceeds are spent on the AR alone! Add other costs e.g. venue, sodas & you are upto 3%...

Brokers make larger commission on a 10,000 share app then 500 shares with same amount of time/hassle...

Ni biashara... that's why competition is good esp market segmentation!

5:56 PM  
Blogger coldtusker said...

Well, the oversubscription shows the public wasn't dissuaded from investing!

400% over subsription so there is ltsa chumz to be refunded & looking for a new home!

We need a Safaricom IPO to mop up this cash once & for all!

7:31 PM  
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